Negative stigma is concern for people with hearing loss

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Stigma has been defined as “the possession of, or belief that one possesses, some attribute or characteristic that conveys a social identity that is devalued in a particular social context.”

For many older people that stigma, or diminishing of perceived value, comes in the form of hearing loss. And unfortunately, stigma is also a major impediment to seeking treatment. In fact, some experts say the negative stigma associated with hearing aids is more of a deterrent than their significant out-of-pocket cost. Many seniors believe if they admit their hearing loss, and subsequently agree to hearing aids, that they will look feeble or weak. There is no question that our culture worships at the altar of youth and vitality. So is it any wonder that older people with hearing loss are hesitant to admit it, let alone get hearing aids, for fear of appearing “old”?

Erase the stigma

Want to stay youthful and full of vitality? Fight the stigma, and wear hearing aids. After all, nothing ages a person more than continually asking people to repeat themselves, answering questions inappropriately and being disconnected from the world around you. Also, wearing hearing aids means you can stay socially active, mentally sharp and continue to be active in your career.

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