Hearing Loss

It is common for a person with a hearing loss not to recognize that they have a problem.  Typically, the loss of hearing is a gradual process and you may not recognize it until other people, usually family and friends make you aware of the issue.  There are a number of tell-tale signs that indicate you have a hearing problem.  Keep in mind, hearing aids are not the solution in every case.  The cause for hearing loss can be attributed to a variety of medical conditions.

Because hearing loss can be very gradual, you may think the problem is not yours – maybe the television or radio volumes are too low, people are talking too quietly or there is too much interfering background noise.  When you can’t communicate easily with family members, everyone gets frustrated so if they are being forced to repeat themselves or speak louder than normal, get your hearing tested to determine the source of the problem.

Here are some of the signs that you are experiencing reduced hearing.

  • You accuse other people of mumbling
  • You find one ear hears better than the other
  • You are unable to hear or understand what is said when someone is talking from behind you
  • You are unable to hear or understand what is said when someone is speaking from another room
  • You like to listen to the television or radio louder than others
  • You are straining to hear
  • You frequently ask people to repeat what they have said or to speak louder, slower and more clearly
  • You have trouble understanding speech where there is background noise such as in restaurants or in crowds
  • You have problems with telephone conversations
  • You have difficulty hearing the alarm clock
  • You have difficulty hearing at the movie theatre
  • You have ringing, buzzing, hissing sounds in your ears or head
  • You are avoiding social situations
  • You are avoiding conversation
  • You have been accused of speaking louder than required