Ear Infections

What causes an ear infection?

An ear infection, also known as otitis media, is caused by improper drainage of fluid that collects behind the eardrum during a cold, allergy or upper respiratory infection and the presence of bacteria or viruses.  The build up of fluid and/or pressure in the middle ear causes an earache, swelling, and redness.  If the eardrum cannot vibrate properly, the individual may experience a hearing loss.

Why does my child need “tubes”?

Most of the time, otitis media clears up with proper medication.  When it doesn’t resolve with medication, further treatment may be recommended by your otolaryngologist.  This treatment may be the surgical placement of a ventilation tube in the eardrum.  This “tube” allows fluid to drain from behind the eardrum preventing fluid accumulation.  The individual will probably notice a remarkable improvement in hearing and a decrease in the frequency of ear infections following the ventilation tube placement.

For more information about tubes click here http://www.entcanada.org/education/general-public/public-information-sheets-2/ears/myringotomy-tubes/

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