Our Ongoing Service

Since 2001 we have been dispensing hearing aids to hearing impaired individuals in Owen Sound and surrounding areas.  Unlike some hearing aid clinics, we do not offer service plans which can add considerable cost to the purchase price of your hearing aids.  New hearing aids have a manufacturer’s warranty on the repair of the electrical components of the aid for 2 or 3 years, depending upon the manufacturer.  We do not charge for the standard services we provide in this office during the first year after the hearing aid has been dispensed.  We also offer a 90-day adjustment period for all new hearing aids – better hearing is worth more than just a “try”.

We request that patients have at least one appointment within the first month of receiving a new hearing aid(s) to ensure satisfaction with the purchase and to make any necessary modifications or adjustments to the hearing aid(s).

It is advisable to have your hearing tested annually once you have been identified with a hearing loss.