How to Care for Your Aids

Considering the environment a hearing aid is expected to function in–a warm, moist, waxy place–to work properly, hearing aids must be kept clean and dry.   Your Hearing Health Care provider will show you how to care for and check your hearing aids regularly.  Proper maintenance and care will extend the life of your hearing aids, ensure appropriate sound quality, help to avoid expensive repairs and allow you to have your hearing aids in your ears rather than at the hearing aid manufacturer’s for repair.  Information specific to your hearing aids is available in the owner’s manual or online directly from the manufacturer (see below for a link to hearing aid manufacturer’s in Canada).

Daily Care – Tips & Suggestions

  • hearing aids are intricate electronic devices that should be handled with care and clean hands
  • hearing aids should be kept in their case when not being worn and stored in a dry, cool place
  • earwax is one of the main causes of hearing aid failure; be familiar with the wax protection (waxguard) system for your hearing aid so that wax and debris cannot accumulate
  • the shell, microphone and receiver should always be kept clean
  • when cleaning your hearing aid and changing batteries always have a working surface under the hearing aid to avoid any damaging falls to the floor
  • never try to repair a hearing aid yourself
  • remove the battery from the hearing aid if you are not using it for a period of time
  • always use the correct size battery for your hearing aid and insert it correctly
  • open the battery door before going to bed to avoid battery drain
  • never insert anything into the microphone opening
  • never use alcohol or cleaners on your hearing aid
  • water, heat and chemicals can damage a hearing aid
  • always remove your hearing aid prior to any exposure to water (i.e., bathing, swimming etc.)
  • do not store your hearing aid in the bathroom due to the warm, moist nature of the room
  • perspiration can damage a hearing aid
  • hearing aids should be kept out of extreme temperatures
  • remove your hearing aid before using a hair dryer
  • a dry aid kit can be purchased to control moisture issues and extend the life of the hearing aid
  • keep your hearing aids away from children and pets

Keep in mind that your hearing aids can be professionally cleaned at this clinic

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