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If you’ve started dreading the company office meeting or the family get together because it’s just too difficult to understand the conversation, your hearing might benefit from a little computer training. At least that’s the finding from a new study by Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary researchers, which suggests speech-in-noise intelligibility can be improved in some cases by playing specially designed computer games...

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When we think about noise-induced hearing loss, it is likely that workplace noise comes to mind first.  We may even think about noise exposure related to adult leisure activities such as snowmobiling and hunting.  What we probably tend to overlook as parents, grandparents and caregivers is the exposure of children to noise damaging toys.

Cammie Kaulback, Manager of Hearing Services, Deaf & Hear Alberta authored an article published in the Canadian Hearing Re...

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Comments Off on Buyer Beware of Buying Hearing Aids Over the Internet

In the Fall 2014, Edition 103 of the Journal of The Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario, there is an article authored by Rose Simpson regarding the dangers of buying hearing aids over the internet.

Although it is tempting for the consumer to consider this cost saving option, they are putting themself at risk for potential harm...

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