What is a Hearing Instrument Specialist?

Hearing Instrument Specialists (HIS) are hearing health care professionals who have a diploma from a College.  They are also known as hearing aid practitioners and hearing aid dispensers.

The hearing instrument specialist is trained to administer hearing assessments to the mainstream adult population.  Typically, they do not provide services to infants and children or to those adults that have medical contraindications to the use of hearing aids.

Hearing instrument specialists select and fit hearing aids and assistive listening devices.  Their education has provided them with the necessary skills to make hearing aid adjustments, counsel patients on hearing aid use and provide ongoing support.

When necessary, the hearing instrument specialist would refer patients to a physician or an audiologist.  They are often a member of a multidisciplinary group of health care providers involved in the care of a hearing impaired person.


The Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario