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Comments Off on Make Listening Safe – International Ear Care Day March 3, 2015

World Health Organization

International Ear Care Day: 3 March 2015

Make Listening Safe

Under the theme “Make Listening Safe”, the World Health Organization (WHO) draws attention to the rising problem of recreational noise-induced hearing loss...

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Comments Off on Hearing Aids May Improve Balance

Preliminary research findings at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis lend support to the fact that sound information from both ears “contributes to maintaining the body’s stability”.  If a hearing impaired individual wears 2 hearing aids and can therefore receive the correct sound information it may reduce falls, common in older adults, that are related to balance issues.

Click this link to read the article in detail – http://news.wustl...

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Comments Off on Hearing Loss May Be An Early Sign of Dementia

Is there a link between hearing loss and dementia?

Older adults with hearing loss are more likely to develop problems thinking and remembering than adults the same age without hearing loss, according to a hearing loss study by hearing experts at Johns Hopkins University.  The risk of dementia actually appears to rise as hearing declines since we listen with our ears but hear with our brains...

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